Make a commitment

  • The parish priest (and deacon) has a strong desire to evangelize men and desires to use the CatholicManNight “tool” in his efforts to evangelize men.
  • Pick 3-6 events for a year (quarterly or bi-monthly); this is important for signaling commitment, building awareness and to allow relationships between men to grow through continuity.
  • Pick topics for the events (see appendix for list of currently available topics).
  • Secure commitment from existing men’s groups within the parish (e.g. Knights of Columbus, Men’s Bible Study Groups, etc.), the Director of Religious Ed and the Principal of the Parish School (if applicable). 

Get organized

  • CatholicManNight events are easy to hold; it just takes a little organization.
  • Events follow a set schedule (see “Agenda for the Evening”).
  • Priest leads evening with help of Parish Leaders.
  • Priest leads evening with help of Lay Leaders, Event Leaders and a Discussion Leader (See “CatholicManNight Roles and Responsibilities”).
  • Lay Leaders (2), recruit Event Leaders and oversees organization (see “Lay Leader Checklist”).
  • Event Leaders (1) recruit 4-6 men prepare food and act as hosts for the evening (see “Event Leader Checklist”).
  • Discussion Leader acts as an emcee and discussion leader for the discussion portion of the evening.

Build Awareness (see “Awareness building checklist”)

  • Place announcement in bulletin, website and with posters; send flyers home to school kids’ dads;  announce during Mass.
  • Email/invite all men in parish, with special emphasis on men and sons.
  • Phone calls/invites to men.

Hold the Events

  • Men organize meal (hearty and low cost) including preparing, serving and cleaning up.
  • Collect a free will offering to cover cost of meal and raffle items (e.g. books)