In today’s Gospel from the Mass (Luke 11:14-23), there is a small line that is easy to overlook.  We shouldn’t:

 “But He, knowing their thoughts, said to them…” (Luke 11:17).

Very often, small phrases in the Gospel pack big meaning.  Consider:

  • Jesus is in the middle of driving out a demon, a great feat that surely must have required His concentration and focus.  
  • Having achieved this miracle, “the crowds were amazed”; this suggests large numbers of people, for Luke has taken the trouble to make “crowds”, plural.  There are a lot of people.
  • Somehow, within the vast crowds, Jesus is able to discern the thoughts of some who were wanting to test Him.
  • This is a great power of Omniscience (e.g. all knowing):  Because He is the Son of God, Jesus can read minds and hearts.

In the modern world, and in the ancient world too, there were all kinds of magicians and charlatans who claimed to be able to read minds and speak to the dead.

In contrast, Jesus actually can read minds and hearts, for He is the Son of God.

Which leads to this question:  If Jesus could read hearts and minds during the Incarnation, how much more so now that He has ascended?

And another question:  What will Jesus think of the kinds of thoughts and intentions that I am holding in my mind and heart, right now?

If you are not a little nervous, think on this some more.  And pray that Christ might help you in the ascent to Holiness.  Ask Him, He knows…and has promised to help us.