Host Priest – Is the sponsor/host of the CatholicManNight program at his parish.  Agrees to host a number of events during the year including setting dates, appointing lay people to organize events, inviting other priests to hear confessions and to attend the dinner/discussion portion of the evening.  Appoints Lay Leaders and Discussion Leader to organize and lead events in the parish.  By attending the discussion portion of the evening with the men, the Host Priest ensures that orthodox catechesis is offered and participates in discussion as needed to offer direction as needed.

Guest Priest/Deacon (if desired) – Invited by Host Priest to offer a 10 -15 minute reflection on the evening’s topic, hear confessions and attend dinner (if possible).  Other Priests are invited by the Host Priest as needed to hear confessions.

Lay leaders (2) – Appointed by the priest to be on the ongoing leaders of CatholicManNgith (usually for at least a year) and are responsible for all scheduling, appointing Event Organizers for each event (or lay leaders can organize the events themselves) and overseeing outreach/awareness and promotion of the events.

Event Organizers (1+4-6) – Recruited by the Lay Leaders to manage the logistics of a CatholicManNight event including planning and organizing the meal, recruiting men to help prepare and clean up, welcome attendees and making introductions and announcements during the evening.

Discussion Leader (1) – Responsible for the discussion portion of the evening including welcome, introductions, raffle, presenting the catechesis on the evening’s Jesus topic using the CatholicManNight 2-pager and moderating the discussion.