Learn by Topic: friendship with Jesus

Here are some reasons to make sure to make this month’s ManNight:

  • Many men have drifted away from their Catholic faith.  They try to make their way in the increasingly confused culture.  Jesus Christ is calling you, and all men, back to Him.
  • The growing cultural darkness has had a particularly sad impact on young men.  They are buffeted by all kinds of immoral messages and are encouraged to avoid manhood, especially Catholic manhood.  Young men desperately need to be drawn into friendship with Jesus Christ.  Young men need to witness, and be welcomed into, a community of Catholic men.
  • Many studies have shown that the most important influence on a young man’s future faith life is the faith life of his father; if a father is a devout Catholic, chances are very good that the son will grow into Catholic manhood.  Bringing your son to ManNight is an outstanding demonstration of your own faith and it will definitely help to draw your son to Jesus Christ.
  • To grow in faith, each man must grow in friendship with Jesus Christ.  To many men, Jesus is abstract and distant.  In the Sacraments, prayer and study, men can get to know Jesus Christ better.  As men grow in friendship with Jesus, their lives are forever changed, both in the present and the eternal.  Each Catholic man must continually commit and act to draw closer to Jesus Christ.
  • ManNight is a chance for Catholic men to get to know Jesus Christ better and to grow in true friendship with other Catholic men.  Hundreds of Catholic men have been attending these events.
  • Due to busy modern lives, we all face competing priorities.  Some men might think,  “I am too busy,” or that “I won’t get anything out of it.”   In response to these kinds of excuses, I once heard a priest say, “Who said it was about you?  Catholic men need to ‘show up’ to support other men in their faith lives.”
  • Many men complain that Bishops and priests should do more, or do different things.  Lay Catholic men need to do more for our clergy! Catholic men need to show up at events like this, to pray for, support and encourage our clergy.  Show your support for clergy by showing up for the next ManNight.

Be part of the New Evangelization by bringing your son(s) and inviting a buddy and his son(s).