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SacredHeart72As the Son of God, Jesus Christ had Divine Brilliance, for He is the Light of the World (John 8:12).

But many men today are blind to the awesomeness of Jesus’ Divine Brilliance, so it’s not a surprise that many men are casual in their faith.

It’s easy for men to miss just how awesome Jesus Christ is because of the difficulty in understanding what is happening in the historical context of the Gospels and being able to relate the events of the Gospel to modern times.

Here is one way to begin to open one’s self up to cooperate with the Grace of Christ and re-ignite one’s hunger for faith:  Begin to read scripture with the belief and intent to see the awesomeness of Jesus.

“Only Jesus is Awesome” –  Here is a three step process to grow in awe of Our Lord Jesus Christ: (more…)