Focus on Jesus Christ

  • Jesus Christ is the “source and the summit of our faith.”
  • One core reason men are casual in their faith is that they don’t know Jesus.
  • Each CatholicManNight is focused on helping men encounter one specific aspect of Jesus Christ (e.g. Divine King, The Poverty of Jesus Christ, The Physical Nature of Jesus Christ, etc.).

The Primacy of Adoration and Reconciliation

  • Each CatholicManNight starts with an hour of Adoration.
  • During Adoration, men have the opportunity for Reconciliation.

Engaging Hearts and Minds

  • The heart (soul) is engaged in faith, particularly during Adoration.
  • The mind (intellect) is engaged in the reflections given by priests/deacons during Adoration and in the discussion about the evening’s topic after dinner.

Led by Priests and Deacons and supported by Laity

  • Special grace is given to those men called by Jesus Christ in the Sacrament of Holy Orders.
  • During Adoration, men are addressed by a priest/deacon on the Jesus Christ topic of the evening.
  • Laity leads the organization, outreach and hospitality for the evening; the Knights of Columbus often lead.  A Layman with appropriate training can lead the discussion portion of the evening.

Fellowship in sharing a meal

  • Table fellowship was a core part of Jesus’ own ministry.
  • Each CatholicManNight includes a “feast” with plenty of manly food and the opportunity for discussion.

The Raffle of Bibles, Catechisms and other books

  • At each CatholicManNight, men are encouraged to meet and know Jesus through Scripture and to grow in their Catholic faith by reading and understanding the Catechism of the Catholic Church.
  • Other books that draw men to Jesus Christ, Scripture and the faith are also raffled.


  • Following the raffle, the Discussion Leader does a 10-15 minute presentation of the evening’s topic following the CatholicManNight 2-page topic summary closely.
  • The floor is then open for discussion; open discussion is critical for well-catechized men add to the discussion and men are given the opportunity to see witness/evangelization in action.
  • When the discussion strays (e.g. politics, personal agendas), the Discussion Leader returns the focus to Jesus Christ.

CatholicManNight events are self-funding

  • CatholicManNights are designed to be self-funding.  A free will offering is collected that off-sets the cost of food, refreshments and raffle books.